In 2016, a collective of great minds came together and began building.

A team of people each with extensive commercial knowledge developed from years working in and on businesses in multiple sectors. More than business-minded, the team possessed an ability to uncover solutions that were unique, in demand or necessary to facilitate a market sector’s growth.

Perhaps most important of all was a group of psychological traits shared by successful entrepreneurs the world over: the ambition, confidence, and commitment to WIN.

It began with building our own ventures…

Over the past five years, our collective minds have founded three businesses, each of which has quickly achieved success in its marketplace and acquired a global client base who finds genuine value in their product or service offering – a solution which meets or exceeds their need thanks to its quality, durability, and cost efficiency.

Just as the world continues to evolve, so does Dotcom Ventures. As technology drives more change and new demands or sectors emerge, our team stays focused, ready to act when the time and circumstances tell us to. Ready to found tomorrow’s opportunity.

…and developed into helping others build ventures.

Through our collective success, the Dotcom Ventures team has acquired further experience in building businesses for success. Creating and refining processes for the extensive evaluation, number-crunching, and research necessary to any new business venture, our company finds itself in a strong position both capably and financially to support others on their journey.

These are not companies who have begun their lives on a whim. Each one has started from the beginning, just as our companies have done, conducting days, months, even years-worth of ground work to reach the opinion their concept is a winner. For many, all that is missing is the capital required to move their product or service forward. Those able to demonstrate true potential in their offering, these are the companies Dotcom Ventures looks to support through investment.

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