Calling all Investors

At Dotcom Ventures, our team appreciates how there are many others like us, constantly scouring the market in search of the latest ground-breaking concepts in which to invest.

Great news. Your route to investment just got simpler.

Like us, you’re after that next big ‘thing’ looking to take the market by storm. Also like us, when one finally makes itself known, you then take time to apply your rigorous assessment methods to evaluate the product or concept and gauge its chances of success.

By partnering with Dotcom Ventures, you need search no more. Because that’s our job. Better still, we go way beyond the search and deep into the minds of the concept creators to help us decide on investing or walking away. In short, our team does all the leg work necessary to the investment process so you don’t have to. All you need to do is invest.

Dotcomv Image 1
Dotcomv Image 1

Sharing the Wealth

Asides from being serial entrepreneurs, with multiple thriving start-ups under our belts, Dotcom Ventures has invested in many companies to support their journey to success. With extensive experience, research processes and a meticulous approach to investing, it makes sense to partner with us, removing the time it takes to conduct your due-diligence process and cut straight to the investment stage. Because that’s your primary objective, after all.

Keen to know more?

Take a look over our portfolio to see the types of ambitious companies already receiving financial backing from Dotcom Ventures. And when you’re ready to talk investments, drop us a line – we’re already excited to hear from you.

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