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The advent and the proliferation of the digital economy have opened a new frontier in the technology industry. This concept has led to the popularity of virtual products and services that has a high potential for viral growth. Typical examples are the startups (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix a.o.) that became global companies in just a couple of years. This sector is still in development and has a massive potential for creating more success stories.

Critical Role

The digital economy plays a critical role locally and on a global scale; it fosters innovation, supports industries and creates employment.


However, due to the increase in competition in this sector, there is a need for extensive market research and elements of innovation to have an edge over competition.

About Us

We are a technology company that focuses on developing online platforms, digital products and services across various sectors to provide value for individuals and businesses. Incorporated in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, DV leverages more then a decade experience of the company’s stakeholders in the development of digital platforms and products to form a consortium of online businesses.

DV believes that the success in online entrepreneurship is driven by the discovery of challenges in various niches and proffering hard to find solutions to the pain points. However, the procedure of discovering the viable market places a demand on data-driven analytics relating the Internet big data which reveals critical patterns and trends that indicate the viability of an online business prospect. This approach helps to channel efforts in the development of products and services for a hungry market rather than depending on instincts to develop products for a non-existing market.

Besides data-driven market research, DV has the competence, commitment and technical capacity to transform a business idea into reality by harnessing well-established and emerging technologies to deploy solutions. The team of expert programmers and frontend designers of Dotcom Ventures have extensive experience in developing Information Products, Mobile Apps, and Web Applications using various platforms. The goal of the company is to identify hungry markets and create in-demand services that provide immense value. This approach engenders loyalty and goodwill from the users which eventually leads to natural growth.

DV believes that progression is driven by curiosity and is unafraid to venture into new sectors to embrace emerging technologies. Blockchain technology and the entire cryptocurrency ecosphere is proving to be a viable technology that proffers solutions which transcends the financial industry. DV looks forward to developing blockchain-derived products among other digital products and services.

Dotcom Ventures has established value propositions that serve as the corporate philosophy of the company, fostering the internal operations, product and service development, as well as present and future corporate alliances.

Research & Development



Integrity & Professionalism

Quality Service Delivery

Creativity & Innovation

Mission Vision

Our Mission

To research, develop, and maintain highly efficient digital products and services that solve critical challenges across industry verticals.

Our Vision

To be a key player in the evolution of next-generation technology and internet services that enhances personal lives and businesses around the world.

The Unique selling points of DV are factors that give the company an edge in the competitive business landscape of the knowledge-driven economy.


The stakeholders of DV have extensive experience in creating online businesses and brings valuable expertise and existing products that allows the company to compete favourably.


DV has a team of developers and front-end designers who are versed in various technologies that give the company an array of options to deploy the products and services.


The core of the company’s objectives is to develop in-demand quality products and services that provide value to the users thereby engendering natural growth.


Dotcom Venture believes in searching for new opportunities, and shall explore new frontiers with the goal of establishing premier services in untapped niches.


Equipped with extensive experience derived from establishing parallel online projects, DV can handle new projects and save costs without compromising on quality delivery.

Healthy Capital

DV shall seek fresh capital from investors to attract and retain topnotch human capital, and maintain premium server infrastructure which is critical to online services.

Johannes Nepomuk Eidens has academic experience in International Business and Management and has since worked at various supervisory and management position with several international organisations. Johannes’s innate entrepreneurship talent led him to start many successful online and offline companies. He is an astute business manager with extensive expertise in identifying business opportunities, securing business finance, implementation of successful business models and marketing strategies and risks evaluation.

Johannes pioneered innovative digital services such as eReef an on-demand multimedia service that existed before Netflix, CamelLED, DubaiConsult, ZoomDNA and a host of other successful online businesses. is a project developed by Johannes which synergises online-offline marketing strategies within the LED Lighting industry. Dotcom Ventures is his current project in which he seeks to leverage over a decade of experience in creating online ventures to build successful online brands.

Dotcom Ventures FZE

The functions of Dotcom Ventures is driven by a dedicated team of young, vibrant and committed specialists who are experts in the areas of their core competence. The personnel are professionals and highly trained in different aspects of Information Technology, product research and development, internet marketing and customer service. The teams of the company work together to create a synergy that identifies online opportunities and develops novel solutions that cater to the needs of various niches and attract highly-targeted leads to the businesses.

Dotcom Ventures has active management led by Johannes Nepomuk Eidens, a serial entrepreneur and business manager with extensive experience in managing online ventures and offline businesses.

Products and Services

Big Data

Post-millennial businesses are inundated with a lot of data that encumbers businesses which is commonly referred to as Big Data. Many corporations see these data as a burden which they are compelled to manage to provide their clients service. However, the discerning corporations knows that harnessing the power of the Big Data can provide insight into the business processes that can give a corporation an edge over completions by harnessing raw data to support better business decisions.

The Big Data solution is an integral aspect of the Dotcom Venture product development and service delivery strategy. DV has the expertise, skills and technical competence to develop platforms that provide end-to-end services for the discovery, computing, deploying and administering Big Data solution for the benefit of businesses and corporate clients. As more business become aware of the potential benefit the Big Data provides, this emerging service industry shall evolve into an in-demand service for businesses and corporations.

This system places a demand on the technology that integrates IT infrastructure for accessing the Big Data, The management of the data (data security and processing), and advanced data science, engineering, analytics and presentation. The end result is business intelligent information valuable for enhanced organizational efficiency and profitability.

Artificial Intelligence

As a modern business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications forms a vital aspect of our product development strategy. These are self-absorbing programs that actively interacts with data transactions in its environment and learns from its peculiar patterns. This type of system presents endless opportunities allowing the user to leverage data-driven information to make informed business and technical decisions. Besides the conversion of raw data to logical information, the systems are configurable to make intelligent choices and can trigger actions based on pre-defined logical sequence. This feature opens a new frontier for the development of automation application for various industries.

The relevance of AI technology is applicable across all walks of life; both at home and business. It forms the core of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Basis the broad application of this technology and the endless opportunities it presents, the Dotcom Ventures AI application shall be beneficial in delivering critical solutions to various industries and derive lucrative returns for the stakeholders of Dotcom Ventures.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

When Bitcoin emerged with the blockchain open, distributed ledger system which forms the basis of the cryptocurrency in 2010, the future seems precarious. However, in less than a decade, the adoption increased exponentially, and its potential in solving challenges across industry verticals became more apparent by the day. This technology aligns with Dotcom Venture’s vision to leverage technology to provide value. Therefore, Dotcom Ventures shall develop blockchain-derived products as a part of the company’s core product/service development strategy. The radical adoption of this technology is an indication of the future trend. As of the time of writing, the market capitalisation of the cryptocurrency industry stands at $211billion. This value is impressive considering that the industry is less than a decade old.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps industry has taken the world of computing by storm. Mobile devices have evolved from pure voice and data communicating tools to powerful computing devices. Data from internet sources shows that the number of Mobile devices has outnumbered desktops by the ratio 1:4. Thanks to the powerful processors of smartphones and the modern operating systems that power these devices, smartphone users can leverage mobile apps to perform most computing tasks that used to be exclusive to PC users. The sheer number of smartphone users and the various means of monetising Mobile Apps make it a lucrative niche for Dotcom Ventures. Mobile Apps development that leverages on the emerging sharing economy and other profitable niches shall be the focus of the Mobile App development business of the company.


Digital learning products is a hot niche that became popular at the turn of the century and does not show a sign of slowing down any time soon. Present trends show that e-learning is the future. In 2014, A Market research firm named Global Industry Analysts projected that the "E-Learning" would reach $107 Billion benchmarks in 2015, and it did. Now, experts are forecasting that the industry shall triple within the next decade (2025). Reports from Forbes shows that online courses grossed a total of $46 Billion in 2017. These data provide empirical evidence that the e-learning niche is a viable sector which is growing exponentially. Dotcom Ventures shall provide e-learning in the form of electronic books and multimedia training delivery system to capture the population of visual learners.

Online Services

Over the last decade, the deployment of applications has changed from desktop-based to cloud-based application delivery system. The rise to prominence of cloud-based programs is driven by the many advantages it provides to the developers and the end users as well. Delivering applications on the cloud using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers many advantages for Dotcom Ventures. It increases the number of potential users because of the lower cost of ownership, cross-platform availability, lower operating hardware requirements, and circumventing the bottleneck of distribution networks. Consequently, this model enhances sustainability and increase in overall revenue because the services are available on a monthly subscription basis. Dotcom Venture shall provide in-demand online services for carefully selected niches after comprehensive market research.

Tangible value in the form of digital products

The CEO of Dotcom Ventures brings tangible value into the company in the form of digital products and platforms proven to be successful in their own right.

Additional products and services shall be produced to form a consortium of digital products and services that shall be sub-brands of the Dotcom Ventures.

Take a look at what we have developed with passion and lots of joy in the past. Today, amazing teams continue to work on our ventures adding further value to the market resulting in outstanding products and better lives for all!

Dotcom Ventures FZE

Bearing in mind that the digital economy emerged at the turn of the century and the fact that new niches are still surfacing, the future potential is enormous.

Potent force

Dotcom Ventures seeks to position the company as a potent force in this critical period of digital evolution.

Name Brands

Dotcom Ventures hope to produce brands that shall become household names in the near future.

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